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3d 1080p Full Sbs Torrent NEW!

  • All of the videos are encoded with x264 and contain both an AC-3 5.1 surround sound track as well as a normalmp3 stereo track. It should play fine in players like VLC or MPC-HC (for 2D) and players such as Bino3D or the 3Dtv stereoscopic player (for 3D).The videos come in three different categories:Hardware-assisted stereoscopic 3D:You will need dedicated software and hardware to view this kind of movie. Typicallythis hardware includes a 3D-enabled screen or projector, a pair of glasses and something to decode the special video format. Each image inthe video is encoded as two eyes, one above the other, left eye on top.

  • Colour-coded stereoscopic 3D, known as anaglyph 3D:This kind of movie can be played back on normal 2D-capable hardware butrequires a special pair of glasses with a different kind of tint for eacheye. The 3D effect is not as nice as with the real 3D movies, but the setupis a lot cheaper and easier to get started. Each one is named after the coloursof the glass, left eye first.

  • And finally the 2D version:If you do not have 3D stereo equipment you will still be able to enjoy the original2D movie in higher framerate and higher resolution.For the 4K videos you will most likely need a very powerfull CPU with either a multicoresoftware decoder (ffmpeg, lavf, CoreAVC) or GPU hardware decoding support like PureVideo 5 on the Nvidia GTX 600- and 700-series or OpenVideo Decode support on AMD cards.

We recommend that you use a BitTorrent client to download the files. Either through the torrent linkor the magnet link. If you cannot get BitTorrent to work try out the HTTP links.

3d 1080p full sbs torrent


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