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Huawei E177u-1 Unlock Software

This post is about another crack/Hack . Today im going to write about simple,100% free , and fast method to unlock huawei HSDPA (3G,3.5G) dongles/Modems. You can use this feature for unlock these huawei modems-

Huawei E177u-1 Unlock Software

im search for idea net settter modem eg162g unlocking software but im not unlock my modem status is 10 attempt is complete but im not search free software for unlockingpls send me any software for unlocked my 10 attempt completing modem is unlockedmy mail id is :-

I bought my E156b in the Philippines and now Im in Belgium and want to use it. I already unlocked my but the software that I have installed is from my initial service provider.Where can I download a connection manager that will allow me to connect with any service provider?

My modem is Vodafone k3565-ZYour tips are awesome. I have never seen such clear instruction for unlocking 3G modem.I got the Huawei modem code writer software from your link . I have a problem. when I click the port detect button, it did not show the port. What should I do ? is there any tips to solve this.( Im using a laptop for this. )

Hi Ruchira, Hope you good. I am in need of your help. I have a huawei E1750 modem with IMEI:353558042239863. But if i put another sim card in it doesnt ask for unlock code. How can i unlock this modem without an unlock code option?

hi,i have a unlocked airtel modem.but in the software that is installed i cannot see the call option.what do i do??if i update the firmware is there a chance of modem getting locked.???please answer me..

I download Huawei modem plus software. and my device unlock within few minuites. I already unlock huawei e1550, when i unlock the speed of surfing was 1-2mbps. but after disconnect next time I got poor speed, Is there any thing like service provider controlling our speed? ans. please.


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