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Download Cheat Trainer Insaniquarium Deluxe !!HOT!!

PopCap Games Insaniquarium Deluxe 1.0 +2 TrainerCoding: The Scooby MasterGet the game here: ****:// out the Insaniquarium Forum here: ****://forum.insaniquariumguide.comTrainer Notes:1. Unlimited Pals (F9-on,F10-off)Allows you to have any and all the pals you want in the tank with you instead of only 3.2. Unlimited Coins (F11-on,F12-off)You still only start with 200, but you will not lose any when purchasing items.Additional in-game cheats:Type the following at any tank screen:-----------------------------------------------------------Code Effect-----------------------------------------------------------zombie all fish "look" deadspace background is now "space"void background is now a blank white screenwelovebetatesters changes Breeder fish's birth noisesupermegaultra changes preggo's birth noisetime displays time on tankwavy tank background waves------------------------------------------------------------Sandbox ModeEnter at the main screen, after you have the silver trophy.Note: use arrow keys for the listed up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a-Santa FishIf you buy a guppy from the virtual tank store and name it "Santa"it will sing christmas songs and drop bags of shells.Release Notes:There are any number of extra trainers/cheats that I could have put in here, but after playing withseveral I settled for just these 2. With anything more the game is just too easy. Also after trying the Devolution +1 trainer, I didnt like the fact that it had to be in the same directory, and thetrainer had to launch the game. With mine you can put the trainer anywhere, start the game wheneverand not worry about it. . If anyone wants anything added, email me.A step by step tutorial tracing how this game is trained is available. Email me for it. After******** around with cheats, cracks, and trainers for a while I decided to start releasing some of them.I am starting with Pop Cap and Zone games because they are easy to do. This is the first in a longstring of them. I will release these one at a time as I finish them, and when I get a good collectiontogether, I will post a collection to the usual places.(along with the games and cracks of coarse) Ifanyone has any requests send me an email.I welcome comments and criticisms. Please send me an email with a return address if you want a

Download Cheat Trainer Insaniquarium Deluxe


Type one of the following codes at any tank screen to activate the corresponding cheat function:prego - Original prego soundspace - Space backgroundtime - Displays time on tankvoid - White screen backgroundwelovebetatesters - New breeder fish birth soundsupermegaultra - New prego birth soundwavy - Background waveszombie - All fish look deadUnlimited shellsBefore You begin with this keep in mind this procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. You have to first get two users past the first tank. After that, get one user to rack up some shells (at least 500 to 1000). Then, type give at the main menu. A screen should appear with your two user names. There should be one name on top of the other. For example:Remember the order. Refer to the user name on top as "User 1" and the one on bottom as "User 2". Remember the user number for the user with the shells. Then enter the game folder (usually c:program filespopcap gamesinsaniquarium deluxe). Enter the "userdata" folder in the game directory. Copy the user file (the number being either 1 or 2, depending on which user you want the shells to be transferred). Copy those user files and paste them in a safe place (such as the Windows Desktop).Then, give all of the shells from one player to the other. Exit the game and the move the user file you put in the safe location back into the "userdata" folder in the game directory. Select "Yes" or "Yes to all" when asked if you want to overwrite the files. Start the game again. The user who you gave the shells to will still have those shells, but the user who gave that person the shells will still have the shells that you had in the beginning. You can do this repeatedly for unlimited shells.


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