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This Ain\\\\\\'t Dracula XXX

Scene Two: Jessi Palmer and Marie McCray, both lean young hotties, were up next in a limited lesbian tryst that showed them getting out of their replica versions of the clothing (let me put it this way, there was no way in hell that they would have been able to get out of the real deal by unfastening a few buttons). They caressed and licked each other without any toys but it was far too short and came across as thrown into the mix to cover a needed base rather than as a part of the show making sense.

This Ain\\\\\\'t Dracula XXX

Scene Four: Marie McCray, the cute redhead now outside (well, at least on a set portraying being outside) and dolled up, was up next as she walked over to Alan Stafford and Joey Brass. The men knew what they wanted and started diddling her, their hands roaming her body before she took turns slobbing their knobs in the graveyard. She seemed more at ease this time, alternating between a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy, the lighting less than optimal but the young lady looking good. It ended when one guy rubbed out a nut of splooge on her crotch while the other gave her a much larger batch of seed to her face and mouth.

  • From there the movie takes us to late 19th century London where we meet Lucy played by Marie McCray and Mina played by Jessi Palmer. As in the Hollywood version Lucy is quite the catch with several suitors vying for her affections and this amuses Mina to a degree as she is worried about not hearing from Jonathan for a little while at this time. To take her mind off that we move to our second scene which is a very nice g/g with Jessi and Marie and I have to be thankful that there weren't any sex toys back in that time period and we just get to enjoy the girls doing quite a bit of pussy licking with the girls going down on each other more than once and you have some fingering too though the dominant act here was the oral sex which was quite pleasing and filmed well in the drawing room I guess it's called with a fireplace behind the ladies lit up. You also see the two women dressed in period dresses which covered their whole bodies but they were't to hard to get out of thankfully once the two girls began kissing progressing to the oral sex.From here the story brings a mysterious ship crashing into the docks with apparantly no crew aboard and the only one left was the captain who was dead by the time the ship finished its journey. There were many crates, though, aboard and when one was cracked open the only thing inside was some dirt which we all know is the sacred home of the Count who has made his way to London-- we have missed the part where he's seen Mina's photo and Dracula knows she is the spitting image of his long lost love but we'll see how the show here brings this vital piece of story into play shortly. Lucy has begun to sleep walk which she hasn't done since being a child and we can assume this might the count beginning his lustful courtship of her? Mina wants to get the help of Doctor Seward played by Jack Lawrence who is one of the suitors for Lucy to see if he can't help. The story here takes us to the madhouse where he works and we meet Renfield who is played by the Icon Tom Byron and listening to his dialogue here I was impressed with how he handled it, fairly close to the Hollywood version. The sets so far have been pretty good I think in keeping with the time period and again the outfits have been good the latest one worn by Doc Seward who turns his attention from Renfield to Lucy who indeed has begun to show signs of anemia the cause of which has escaped the good doctor so far. To help with the diagnosis Jack's character sends word to an old mentor, Dr. Abraham Van Helsing who is much more learned in this field and at this same time Mina receives word that her Jonathan is alive though is some distress so she heads off to be with him leaving Lucy behind.The story then takes us back to the asylum where hello we have a little nurse bj action with Krissy Lynn working on Tom Byron's cock through the bars and you see he is still in the straight jacket so all the bj work is on Krissy who does a fine job. Krissy then opens the cell going in to continue the blowjob and to also let Tom fuck her, a nice standing position leads that off, in her ass no less! Flipping over to a mish shot we have Krissy opening up her nice period costume allowing those ample tits to spill out and the anal action is continued, great open shot of Tom nailing her ass. There is still more anal in reverse and cowgirl, with Tom never taking the jacket off though his arms are freed enough that they aren't crossing his chest and he can grip her hips a bit as Krissy rides him. Krissy ends up working the pop out to her titties as Tom gives us a long sustained cackling laugh. The story then brings Dr Van Helsing back in and we know he isn't able to save Lucy and we have a good shot of a naked Marie lying on her bed with ghoulish facial make up on so yeah she's a goner though we have yet to see Dracula since the opening moments of the movie and there weren't any marks on Marie's neck indicating she'd been bitten though we know that is how she dies in the movie-- see small plot points not shown but with a naked Marie McCray to oogle you might easily let this slip past. Though the story does bring the group of men to Lucy's grave that night and you sense the good Dr. knows what's up and lets just see what happens next. The two suitors who have come along are left behind when they find an open grave and Dr. Van Helsing goes to search for Lucy. Turns out she wasn't to far away and Marie beckons the two men to her and with her new vampire powers these horny guys don't stand a chance, thus our next sex scene. Marie's make up here is still deathly in tone but not quite so much as we saw a few moments back- I think she's fed already but now she wants to fuck! Marie gets to do a double bj here and they even let her sit on the stone bench to work their cocks over. The guys do good trading off fucking Marie and though it is supposed to be night out there is sufficient light here to let you see what's going on. As for the pops one is just above her freshly fucked pussy and the other is a facial with clean up from Marie. Unlike Jonathan earlier who was attacked by the vampire brides Doctor Van Helsing shows up just in time to slice and dice Marie saving the two men.Ok it is about time to bring Dracula back into this show don't ya think! Sure enough we hear a loud scream and everyone goes running to its source which turns out to be Krissy who is screaming hysterically. We don't see it but inside the cell, we are back in the asylum, we finally have Evan Stone returning and on his finger are the glasses Tom Byron had just been wearing. The assumption is Dracula has rid the word of this nutcase and the group arrives finding him in the cell. Evan works his magic causing everyone to drop down to the floor save for Mina who falls under his spell and goes inside the cell after the door opens. The music here was pretty good too reaching a crescendo once Mina is in the cell. Now it is just the two of them and we have Evan doing a nice job working that full length dress down Jessi's body and he kisses her breasts briefly before we let Jessi take over. Great side view as she begins work on the counts cock and from there it is fuck time with mish leading off. You'll note Jessi has an almost vacant look in her eyes here keeping the whole trance deal going strong. Sweet, we get more anal sex with a superb open shot for the mish anal insertion. Who knew 19th century girls could be such sluts!! The scene ends with Mina on her knees ready to join the count but first let him cum all over your mouth! As Mina tastes this devilish nectar she cries out that it burns but she keeps it in and eventually rises with a gleam in her eyes and FANGS!! She bites into Evan's chest as the movie ends with more cool music blaring leading us to the credits. Extras & Final Thoughts: Well fans I thought this pretty good for a porn take on a vampire movie. The movie this is based on is fairly dramatic though with a few comic moments mostly due to Anthony Hopkins. This version gives you a nice bit of the story or at least the spirit of the story and face it we want vampire sex and this movie delivers that. Marie McCray and Jessi Palmer each have two scenes with Jessi doing anal in the big finale with Dracula. Earlier we got more hot anal from Krissy Lynn who nails Tom Byron is his asylum cell. The big extra for this title is a bts segment so have a look see. They could have really screwed this up I think but the people here loved the source material and it shows from the sets to the costumes and the performances were pretty strong too. Not one dominant personality in this but more of a collective effort though we could have used more with Evan Stone seeing as how the movie is about him and he is only in it to start and then for the final scene. Recommended though for the sex and the story such as it is presented does hold fairly close to the source material and was whittled down no doubt due to time constraints and perhaps budget as well. This movie also comes with a 3-D version though I didn't watch it so I don't know what comes flying out of the screen at you.Check Prices for This Ain't Dracula XXXPreviews:Scene 1

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