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[S11E11] Everything Is Personal Fix

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[S11E11] Everything Is Personal

But that's not Connie or Kelly, with their need for the truth and to expose any potential evils within the foundations of the Commonwealth a priority over their personal comfort. Add into that mix an editor looking to shut them down, an adversarial past with Gov. Milton (Laila Robins), ominous warnings from Mercer (Michael James Shaw) when they start asking questions (especially after they learn who Mercer's sister is), Mercer beginning to question his orders, and cloak-n-dagger moments like lists of names being slid under doors anonymously, and we have the makings of a storyline that viewers probably shouldn't be sleeping on. Especially as we move closer to the series finale and better understanding of how everything connects. Confession? That list that Connie & Kelly received vibed CRM to us for some reason, like maybe those folks are research facility-bound?

Yet as he explains to Carol the differences between those who are mercenaries just looking to personally gain from a situation to those who are true believers, we begin to see Lance in a much more gray area because he comes across in every way, shape, and form as a true believer in what the Commonwealth is and what it could become. But does he see the Miltons feeling that way, or does he see them more in the "mercenaries" camp? That still wasn't too clear. What was clear is that Lance is looking to get Carol to trust him, and opening up to her the way he did and then basing his arrest of the opium manufacturer on her assessment went a long way to establishing that trust. Why? Because as much as our survivors have depended on Carol as a badass killing machine, Lance is respecting her mind and ability to see "bigger pictures." In a number of ways in this episode, they're not much different from one another & Carol's inability to get a feel for Lance's agenda makes this relationship an interesting one to keep an eye on.

Like such a dime a dozen but now there's something about it that feels especially given. You know he's I. So anyways, I did share with him that I had this dating podcast and I was like I'm happy up let I'll tell you more in persons. We already have the time set up in a Mike I'd never like talk about people beyond their comfort level past axes, etc it's more. About like the stories and just what's changing in modern dating culture but you didn't tell them the name, Ivan tell them the name because I didn't want him to Google. I, think also what? Baby take a step back I think if the last couple episodes we had explicitly D- rocked about this. I was like Oh my God I was like thinking you'll start there right? Exactly. I was thinking about. The last couple of episodes? We like literally like like the last one there's no misinterpretation that was him right with the glitch of like I'm not having tech glitches with that many people and I think like you a you also like on a scale of one to ten I. Know I was like thinking back and I'm like, Oh, I have I heard someone like I know it wasn't. It wasn't meant in like a personal way to him because I just felt like we didn't have that be enter yet. But if I had heard someone be like, Oh, I'm a five like I probably wouldn't be that excited to be w there. So. You playing everything but I'd said I was like, Oh, my God I do not want this guy to hear it and I think that's a lesson to me that if I don't want someone to hear something I, probably shouldn't be saying it anyways by gut feeling is that he google like I literally did a Google on an INCOGNITA. So it's not even music by history I did Julie dated. PODCAST. We showed up like. At the time of like damn our seo too good for our own good and then as your picture you, there's no. There was no mystery. So by guests is that he heard that there wasn't anything else big that would have changed your mind. You know that drastically, do you think he was like getting ready for the day or getting pumped? He's like I'm going to check out her podcast. Honor. God. This happened around like one thirty and the. Because it was like. I was literally, it wasn't like I was about to step out. We're meeting at six thirty. It was like two thirty. But I was like I had stuff the rest of the day and I had a break and I'm like I'm going to take a shower get ready some not like stressed at five and then I'm like, Oh, I guess I have all night to get right. Oaks dot going on this study. Restaurant picked up like it was like He. You know made some plans like it was just very I'm thinking about it. I'm like if he was not attracted or something like would you even beat that plan like he would've known at that point, right? Yeah. Thing was shades if you were listening to this episode now, what would you say to him? What would you want to say too I think what I'm going to take away from this like I'm like I can never control his behavior it literally could be not at all like. I have no idea right but I think for me I, want to share dating updates with people on the podcast. But I think I'm going to try to be a little less specific. I've got a little overzealous because it was the first person. So I do WANNA say like if this did offend you in any way like I, I do apologize for kind of giving private I. Mean I don't think I disclosed anything super private but talking about someone against their will necessarily I think I would. Not Do that in the future and keep it a little more general, that's the trickiest thing about having a dating podcast because you want to talk about your dating experiences. But then there are people who are victims of the storytelling. and. Sometimes, we get caught up in the storytelling aspect. We forget that there is a person behind that story to that's. We've all I. Mean I think any dating podcast error has definitely because. What was like your boyfriend and you guys were a little different because you like knew each other on a friend level I blake when he heard that you did this did he ever reaction at all? Yeah. He was like I'm never gonNA, listen to. I don't WanNa. Hear you talk about me. He hasn't he the only times he's listened to it is with me. Yes. So he can at least react in real time I mean it makes sense i. think that's what it was like thick of this guy listening on his only barely knowing me in the first place right? Like I don't know how I would feel if it was a reverse GONNA try to be a little more conscious of that but I will keep people updated high level maybe a little war ambiguous maybe not real time like that might be the caveat. But your intentions are always good. You're still looking for love. So the intentions are still there you're not dating for the sake of telling stories on the on the I mean, I think it's interesting though because I'm like about like my.

Axe not like my like super serious that left for the UK like i. told him I think on our third day and he was definitely like would I I told him he was like a little taken back like you talking about me on this. Aston I'm like, oh no, that's not what it's about, and then he's like wait why are you talking about this past? We had built like Sacha report by that we were already like super into each other. So I think hearing that like when you can like share it I not through tax like you can just share it in person you already know this person's a genuine person. I think that also changes the context a bit yeah I don't think he ever listened either. It's a little awkward. Other acts is like all about it he's like talk bobby whatever. Be. So, yeah. It really just depends on your personality, but we also had like way more history and we dated even before I started this thing. So away, it's just hard to sometimes put it into context with New People. Yeah. Absolutely. But you also it's such a big part of what you do is you don't want to hide it no, and if someone googles, you can easily find it. Yeah. It's a tough one. That's why you gotTa Change Your name on these dating APPs. I told you you got to change it but what am I gonNa do go on a date like for like three dates and then be like, oh, by the way my name is Julie. I was lying to you the whole time. Yes. Therapists. Field the same like I'm sure like there's other occupations that are super intimidating people. It's not just this right right that's true. Yeah. We just have to find a happy medium I. Think your role is right that may be at you don't update in real time and they are not as specific but you can talk more high level. Yeah I. Mean I think thing another thing that's going to get into the. Episode. Today. On our first date I think the reason I walked away. So like Luke. Warm is because we talked about politics the whole time and I think it's hard when it's so fresh right now and F I. I wanted to go out and vote before we go into it that is our huge takeaway here but I think we talked about it. So long we actually had similar view so it wasn't like A. Butting heads situation but I walked away being like that a good conversation I'm glad I heard where he's coming from but I have literally had that convoy with you you. You know like there wasn't anything about him that I learned the I didn't really learn like what made him tick like what he who he was as a person like it was kind of like it was very interchangeable I think will go into this episode like I think politics. Are. Really good to gauge someone's values, but it might not like it might not be something that warrants at the entire conversation. Then you're losing out on them as a person it's such a hot topic right now especially, this week this week is going to be more how can you not talk about politics on a date right and the next week? I. Mean it's just GonNa be hot topic for so long but we made it the only topic. To say. Yes we did. We did. We did this experiment we were asking for people to be set up on a date with someone who may have opposite political beliefs and we found two people who are willing to do so and we got them on a date but the first half of the day they could not talk about politics. So that's the difference. Right because like if I was on this date with this guy, we only met for like two at hour and a half. Two hours where they like basically spent in our I. think it was like an hour and a half without any politics talk we actually gave them the thirty six questions to finding love to like kinda guide it into a deeper way, and we also set them up on a cooking challenge. So as a virtual day, but we made it a little more entertaining interesting in. Yeah. It was politics was not on the table at all the first half and then the second half. It was. Open the flood gates. Let's talk about interesting about this too is we didn't actually have two people that were super extreme like there was one that I mean, the two people we had Kiki and Tom, they were both wore like independent. That's how they considered themselves. Kiki definitely leaned towards Democrats. She said she's only voted for Democrats in the past she was voting for Joe Biden. There is no question. About that, she's a black woman to she felt very like things were personal with trump's so she's very against trump and then tom on the other hand is more conservative. He's still like he's not. He doesn't identify as full right but he's more. He's still more conservative. He used in a very conservative upbringing in calls a cult. 041b061a72


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