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Rezo Hunchback

Self Destruction, The Enemy Of Recovery _BEST_

Scuttling is the deliberate sinking of a ship. Scuttling may be performed to dispose of an abandoned, old, or captured vessel, to prevent the vessel from becoming a navigation hazard, as an act of self-destruction to prevent the ship from being captured by an enemy force (or, in the case of a vessel engaged in illegal activities, by the authorities), as a blockship to restrict navigation through a channel or within a harbor, to provide an artificial reef for divers and marine life, or to alter the flow of rivers.

Self destruction, the enemy of recovery

To revenge himself upon the Duke of Pomerania, the imperial general permitted his troops, upon his retreat, to exercise every barbarity on the unfortunate inhabitants of Pomerania, who had already suffered but too severely from his avarice. On pretence of cutting off the resources of the Swedes, the whole country was laid waste and plundered; and often, when the Imperialists were unable any longer to maintain a place, it was laid in ashes, in order to leave the enemy nothing but ruins.

While addiction is the enemy we want to murder, pain is the friend we need to learn to embrace. Addicts run from pain. So do we. Not only that, we try to shield those we love from pain. It is second nature to self-protect, and also protect those we love. In fact, we seem experts in learning how to flee pain and look for ways to soothe. However, pain is the critical key to unlocking a healthy partnership with God as we move toward intervention.

Thank you for sharing your story. I think the metaphor of detox in recovery from the scapegoat role is right on the money. You seem to have shown tremendous strength and will to protect yourself and your child from this vicious cycle of abuse.

I was very ashamed and deeply agitated. First we attacked the Russian soldiers with our gas, and then, when we saw the poor chaps lying on the ground and slowing dying, we restored their breathing with our self-rescue equipment. The total insanity of war became obvious to us. First one attempts to eliminate the unknown enemy in his trench, but when one comes face to face with him, one cannot bear it and sets about helping him. Yet often we could no longer save the poor victims.75

When the match begins, all enemies will be affected by Ermac's Soul Siphon DOT, which will take away 10% of their max health and prevent recovery over the course of 30 seconds. Although underwhelming at first, it has since gained use since the introduction of event towers, where bosses take multiple attempts to take down due to their absurdly large health pool and immunity to DOTs, which Ermac's own DOT can bypass. His Soul Siphon DOT can persist even if he is not the first member in play or defeated. As such, he can be used even at low levels and can even be sacrificed as he inflicts damage upon death. Also, due to the nature of Ermac's self-destruction, he can render certain opponents' passives that trigger upon defeating an enemy (like Circle of Shadow Kitana) useless as his own passive nuke activates.

Vehicle Slugs trample over enemy infantry with ease but crash at enemy vehicles, bosses, or a wall. Slugs such as the Slug Flyer or the Slug Mariner travel horizontally straight (or vertically for the Astro Slug) from where it has been tossed. If a Slug is still running around on-screen, it will eventually self-destruct within an invisible countdown timer.

In Metal Slug 3D, the Slug will self-destruct while ramming any enemy infantry in its path until it hits a wall or enemy vehicle. This cannot be done with the Slug Flyer or the Slug Mariner as these are part of mandatory rail shooter sections.

Some units (vehicular or living) undergo an MSA towards the closest, non-evading enemy unit should they be defeated. MS-Alice.ghost's main form of attack is sending various Slugs (including the Slug Gigant and Slug Attacker) in self-destruct mode.


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