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Rezo Hunchback
Rezo Hunchback

Powerdvd 16 Activation Key

Now disabling the win32 foreground window on the server whenleaving the server screen. This prevents the system frommessing up keyboard events. The console (command prompt) andremote desktop are known to interfere with the shift key whenthey have the focus. This introduces a bug where the windowthat was the foreground is raised to the top of the stackingorder when the cursor enters the server screen. This shouldonly be a problem for Mouse-X (activation follows mouse) users.I don't know how Mouse-X changes the foreground/active windowwithout raising it; if I did I'd fix this bug.

Powerdvd 16 activation key


Fixed synergy quiting when powerdvd stops playing a DVD. This mayfix some other bugs that involve unexpectedly quiting. The problemwas that synergy would (cleanly) quit when receiving an event witha message id of 0 when not running as a service.


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