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Kuby Immunology 8th Edition Pdf Free Download

This book is the only one of its kind! Through a sequence of well-written, narrative chapters, the book introduces the student to the complex and fascinating field of immunology. The authors have chosen to emphasize coverage of clinical immunology instead of basic immunology. Each chapter ends with several problems that focus on application of the information presented, as well as "essential immunology" problems that further extend the student's understanding of the material. Each chapter has a discussion section that gives an overview of the material and addresses topics that are either new or have a broad context to understanding clinical immunology.

kuby immunology 8th edition pdf free download

Based on the third edition, this updated edition has been completely revised with the addition of an entirely new chapter on tumor immunology. Every chapter has been carefully revisited and updated by the authors. New problems, selected from extensive curricular review, have been added and should help to enhance the learning process, and there is an emphasis on presentation of immunological mechanisms as opposed to routine immunology. A new chapter has been added on tumor immunology and new problems have been added throughout the book. In addition, an entirely new chapter on Vaccines has been added, as well as a chapter on Hypersensitivity and a chapter on Antibody-mediated Hypersensitivity.

The Second Edition of Kuby Immunology provides a comprehensive overview of current knowledge about the immune system, its functions, and the basic mechanisms underlying the immune response. With a special focus on clinically relevant aspects, the text provides a basis for understanding the immunology of many diseases and conditions. Beginning with basic principles of immunology and receptors, the text also includes a chapter on vaccines and their use in clinical situations.


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